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Thermal waters of Budapest

Along the Danube at the meeting point of the Buda Hills and the Great Plain a geological faultline is formed, where thermal springs of different composition come to the surface. This beneficial feature of the area was recognised very early by the people, who settled down here. The Celtic tribes, who inhabited the region in the 1st century, named it "ak-luk", which means abundant water. The Romans called their province Aquincum, aqua also meaning water. They had long been familiar with the luxury of the baths and built several of them. From this period 14 baths have been excavated in Óbuda. The Hungarians also quickly discovered the medical effects of the water and took advantage of them.

The thermal springs were used during centuries, but under the Turkish occupation of Hungary the bath-culture developed significantly. Budapest still preserves some baths of Turkish origin. After the Turkish occupation the use of baths declined and only in the 19th century, when balneology became a sience could they regain their popularity.

In Budapest 70 million liters of water supplies the spas daily from 123 different springs.

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